Top Game Competitions

E-Sports are getting more and more popular in the world. Different type of games(strategies, sports, First Person Shooters) for different types of competitions. Here we focus on number one game: Dota 2.

The road to The International

In the 2018 – 2019 season, teams from all over the world will compete in the professional circuit of Dota 2. At the heart of the five major tournaments and five minor tournaments, the professional circuit points awarded will make it possible to designate the twelve teams directly invited to The International. For more information on the points system, please see the FAQ below.

The 16 teams that participate in the major tournament and the 8 teams that participate in the Minor tournament get points.

This season, 15,000 points are played in major tournaments, and 500 points in minor tournaments. Major tournaments offer points in linear progression and a total prize pool in excess of $ 1 million.

For major tournaments, which are double elimination tournaments with 16 teams, the distribution of points is as follows (assuming the jackpot is one million dollars)

Points are now earned by the teams.


The twelve teams with the most points will be invited to The International 2019. The other teams will be invited to the regional qualifications (1 per region).

Not directly, although they may be considered as a factor in invitations to regional qualifications.

For each region, a minimum of 2 teams will qualify for major tournaments, and a minimum of 1 team will qualify for minor tournaments.

For each major tournament, the regions of the other places in the qualifiers are assigned per Valve.

Yes, in addition to qualifying through regional qualifications, the winner of the previous minor tournament is automatically qualified for the major tournament. This team will win either the Minor tournament victory points or the major tournament leaderboard points, whichever is greater.

No. Only teams that did not qualify for the major tournament can qualify for the Minor tournament.

Yes. During qualifying, a team must play with at least 4 of its 5 registered players (no penalty will apply). Any team that plays with a substitute during a tournament LAN will be penalized and will see its points decreased by 40% on that tournament.

You can register as a team manager or as a player from the registration page.