Biggest Tournaments and Esport Betting

The Most Anticipated ESports Tournaments in the World

Esports tournaments seem to continue popping up all of the time. However, not all tournaments are created equally, and that does mean you need to be prepared to look out for those that should ultimately grab your attention.

In other words, trying to sort out those that aren’t worth checking out with those that should be on the list of anybody interested in esports isn’t easy. So, to smooth things over a bit, here are the upcoming tournaments that you need to be aware of if you have any kind of fascination with the world of e-sports.

For a start, League Of Legends tournaments are among the biggest Esport events in the world, so they seem like the perfect place to put your Esport bets. You can find out in what online Belgium casinos you can bet on these tournaments at

MTG Arena Tournament

The MTG Arena Tournament is going to be huge. This is a brand new digital online game that is based on the insanely popular collectible card game Wizards of the Coast. Considering how people loved the card game it’s easy to see why this type of tournament would also prove to be popular.

There are a number of tournaments related to this game, but the main one is going to take place in Boston with a prize of $1 million up for grabs. Of course, only the best will get an invitation to compete and with the field in the smaller tournaments growing all the time, it does mean you would need to have some luck on your side in order to take part. As esports tournaments go, this is one of the biggest out there.

2019 Hearthstone World Championship

The 2019 Hearthstone World Championship promises to be bigger than ever before. This is all based on the massive Warcraft Universe card game and the grand finale takes place in Taipei. There, you have the top 16 players from throughout the year taking part but the company behind it, Blizzard, have simplified things somewhat for this year. They state that certain aspects of the tournament have been shown to be rather confusing, so changes had to be made.

The entire tournament has a prize fund of $4 million with four players coming from four different regions of the world to compete. As like previous years, it will be streamed online and always proves to be one of the most popular esports tournaments around.

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How to Support Your Favorite Teams and Players

So, how would you show your support for your favorite teams and players? Of course, with it generating a huge amount of interest online, it does mean you can support them by watching the online streaming services during the esports tournament.

At the same time, you might want to also spice things up for your own self by going ahead and betting on your favorite teams or players online. The chance to win some real money for yourself via e-sports is certainly something that is worth checking out. After all, it’s still a form of sports betting and why should the players have a chance of winning money with you being left out of it all? It’s a new market for betting and there is a lot of value in betting on Esports games for those who are very familiar with it. If you are interested to make Esports games more exciting, get this free $50 no deposit bonus, valid only for our readers from online Canadian casino.

There’s no doubt that the two esports tournaments mentioned above are going to be a huge deal online during 2019. Their track record shows that this year will smash previous years into oblivion with more people wanting to take part in the hope of winning those jackpots.