Over the last ten years, public school educators have been the target of intense scrutiny and unwarranted criticism from the corporate reformers and certain government officials. We are referred to as “slugs” and dismissed as lazy, uncaring, and overpaid.

It doesn’t help that Race to the Top pushes the idea that teachers–not students–are the sole source of students’ test scores. Therefore, if you don’t like the quality of your neighborhood school, blame the teachers, not those in charge who control the resources.

One educator, Lisa Ryan, had heard enough and responded with her very own “Letter to America.” Educational blogger and author, Diane Ravitch, published this exceptional letter on her site where it was read by tens of thousands of people. If you haven’t already read Lisa’s letter, click HERE.

What is interesting though is how the public’s generally positive perception of teachers has not wavered. A recent Pew Research survey asked people to evaluate different professions based on “how much they contribute to society.” The results are pretty affirming!

Other than the men and women who wear a military uniform and protect our national defense, teachers are considered to contribute the most to our nation’s well-being. This survey seems to reveal that most of the public is smart enough to realize that teachers are NOT the most pressing problem with public education in America today. In fact, in most cases, teachers are serving as the glue that keeps our system of public education the finest in the world— one that provides each and EVERY student the right to a free and appropriate education, something that very few nations on earth deliver.