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All due credit to the fabulous Claudia Swisher for the title of today’s post. It captures well the sentiment shared by many of us relative to our outgoing state superintendent. January 12th cannot come soon enough.

I have written previously about my unhealthy habit of reading Superintendent Barresi’s newsletters HERE. I am not sure why I keep doing it, particularly since she is a lame duck with less than thirty days left in office. It’s a sickness.

That being said, I feel compelled to at least issue my standard Surgeon General’s warning before you dive into this edition. I would hate for anything bad to happen this close to the holidays.

WARNING: “Reading this drivel from our state superintendent may cause severe physiological and psychiatric reactions, particularly for educators. These side effects may include elevated blood pressure, irritability, migraines, and eyes literally rolling back in your head. Proceed with caution.”

Now that I have provided appropriate warning, here is Dr. Barresi’s column, entitled the “Importance of TLE.” It’s good stuff!

I have taken the opportunity to add a few comments via Thinglink, a WordPress plugin that enables the use of interactive graphics. You should be able to hover over the screen and see the red buttons. Touch the buttons to see my editorial comments.

If the letter does not appear below, click HERE for the online version.

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