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In light of the dramatic events at this morning’s State Department of Education Board meeting, I think it is a good time to edit and republish a previous post asking for Dr. Janet Barresi to just go NOW!

If you missed it, there have been several calls today asking for Superintendent Barresi’s immediate resignation. The first came from Representative Jason Smalley, R-Stroud, who during public comments at the start of the board meeting called for the resignations of Dr. Barresi, OSDE general counsel Kim Richey, and her husband, Dr. Larry Birney.

Dr. Birney was recently hired to a newly created position as assistant superintendent of accreditation and compliance. As I wrote last night, from all appearances, this hiring was nothing but pure cronyism at its worst. I applaud Rep. Smalley for stepping up, looking Dr. Barresi straight in the eye, and demanding her resignation. And, as far as I know, he has not yet turned into stone or a pillar of salt.

I appreciate the Oklahoma State School Boards Association (OSSBA) coverage of today’s meeting. Not only did they provide a blow-by-blow twitter account HERE, but you can also watch the live feed of the entire board meeting on Vimeo directly from their website HERE. At the very least, you must watch the remarks from board member, General Lee Baxter, from the last seven minutes of the meeting.

In his statement, General Baxter stated that it is in the best interest of public education in Oklahoma that Barresi resign rather than wait to leave office when her term ends in January.

Specifically, General Baxter called for an immediate change in leadership due to the toxic nature of anything related to the current OKSDE leadership, notably Janet Barresi.

“I want the venom stopped. I’m sick of the lack of collaboration and blatant disrespect for our school administrators, and I think it needs to stop soon,” Baxter said. “The way I think that needs to happen is for the state superintendent to relinquish her role now. I don’t believe that will happen.”

According to Tulsa World reporter, Andrea Eger, Barresi sat lock-jawed during Baxter’s remarks, which went on for about five minutes. After Baxter concluded his remarks, Barresi adjourned the meeting and turned and watched as Oklahoma City board member Bill Shdeed shook Baxter’s hand and told him, “That took a lot of courage.”

Then Barresi turned to board member Bill Price of Oklahoma City and gestured animatedly with one hand and said, “He’s a son of a b—-!”

How nice…and what a wonderful example for the children of Oklahoma.

I know that General Baxter occasionally reads this blog because he referenced it this morning. I am humbled by his positive remarks and am very impressed that he takes the time to inform himself with other, sometimes contradictory points of view. He took a courageous stand this morning and I respect that greatly. It is no surprise that he was able to achieve the high rank of Major General in the United States Army.

As a Marine officer for ten years, I now have several things in common with General Baxter. We both served as artillery officers at Fort Sill and both would like Dr. Barresi to go, and go NOW!

Finally, in an editorial just published in the Tulsa World tonight, the writers agree that it is time for Barresi to step aside.

We are not alone in believing that nothing will be gained by Dr. Barresi continuing as state superintendent. If she truly cared about doing what is right for children in Oklahoma, she would simply step down. Maybe she could move back to the dentist office, get a job with Jeb, or find another avocation where her actions did not cause any more harm to the children and schools of Oklahoma. It has simply become glaringly obvious that her ideologies and temperament are diametrically opposed to what we know to be right for kids. She is a failed leader and it is time for her to go.

A friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous shared the following adaptation of a famous Dr. Seuss book titled “Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!”

Dr. Seuss sent Art Buchwald, the Washington Post writer, a copy in 1974. Dr. Seuss crossed out “Marvin K. Mooney” and replaced it with “Richard M. Nixon.”  To Mr. Buchwald it sounded like fun so he asked Dr. Seuss if he could reprint it. The Washington Post ran the parody.

In light of recent Oklahoma education events and the pathetic SDE leadership an updating of the parody seems needed! The comparison between 1974 and today is intentional.

Have fun with this!  Please read it aloud!

Janet C. Breezy Will You Please Go Now!

by James L. Scott (pseudonym)

“Janet C. Breezy will you please go now!

The time has come.

The time has come.

The time is now.

Just go.



I don’t care how.

You can go by foot.

You can go by cow.

Janet C. Breezy will you please go now!

You can go on skates.

You can go on skis.

You can go in a hat.


Please go.


I don’t care.

You can go

By bike.

You can go

On a Zike-Bike

If you like.

If you like

You can go

In an old blue shoe.

Just go, go, GO!

Please do, do, do, DO!

Janet C. Breezy

I don’t care how.

Janet C. Breezy

Will you please


You can go on stilts.

You can go by fish.

You can go in a Crunk-Car

If you wish.

If you wish

You may go

By lion’s tail.

Or stamp yourself

And go by mail.

Janet C. Breezy

Don’t you know

The time has come

To go, go, GO!

Get on your way!

Please Janet C.!

You might like going in a Zumble-Zay.

You can go by balloon . . .

Or broomstick.


You can go by camel

In a bureau drawer.

You can go by bumble-boat

. . . or jet.

I don’t care how you go.

Just get!

Janet C. Breezy!

I don’t care how.

Janet C. Breezy

Will you please


I said




I meant . . .

The time had come

So . . .

Janet WENT.”

Now that would be a happy ending!


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