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In a press announcement earlier today, the Governor’s office revealed that Governor Mary Fallin was actually live tweeting her own State of the State address before the Oklahoma legislature Monday afternoon. Chief of Staff Chris Benge confirmed that the governor had her iPhone with her at the podium so she could make real-time comments on Twitter as she delivered her remarks.

“Like President Trump, the Governor feels that providing a credible, instant reaction to her words via social media will translate to increased message awareness with millennial and tech-savvy consumers,” said Benge. “And who better to provide that reaction than the Governor herself?”

Using the hashtag #OKGovLive, the Governor used brief breaks during applause in her speech to tweet clarifications of policy statements, comment on the facial expressions of audience members, criticize the press, share some of her favorite quotes, and toss out a few random thoughts that just popped into her mind at the time.

Here is just a sampling of the absolutely real, not-at-all fake, super genuine tweets sent out by Governor Fallin yesterday.

Believe me. Promise. #AlternateFacts.

You can trust me on this. Reading these few Tweets is much better for your sanity than watching the whole speech in its entirety.

You’re welcome.



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